How to get Information in repeating table from two lists ?


  • HI , I have the following scénario :

    I have 3 custom lists ( Contact , Organization and  Project) in Project i have a loukup field to contact and in contact i have a lookup field to List organization 


    Title          AssociatedContacts

    Projet1    Contact1,Contact2


    FirstName Lastname                  AssociatedOrganizationName

    Contact1  Contact1LastName      Org1

    Contact2  Contact2LastName      Org2


     ID    Title

     1      Org1

     2      Org2

    InInfoPath List Form of Project i want to display my associated contacts in a repeating table , I could do that but i want also to Get the OrganizationName in my repeating table because i get the ID of the organization and not the Name , sample

    Repeaiting Table 

    FirstName LastName Organization

    Contact1  Contact1LastName    1

    Contact2  Contact2LastName     2

    I want to get the organization name instead of ID  , How to get information in repeating table from two Lists ? 

    Thanks  To all 

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  • Hi bouhmid86,

    Arpan's solution will work for your requirement.

    1. Add Contact list/data connection to InfoPath Form. Organization ID is display here instead of Organization Title.
    2. Please Add a data connection to receive data from Organization list.
    3. Add a calculated Value to the repeating table and we will use it to replace the AssocatedOrganizationName field.
    4. Set Data Source for the calculated value.

    Click fx button > Insert Field or Group > Organization list: Title > Filter Data > Add > ID = Contact: AssociatedOrganizationName.

    The final Formula should similar like this:

              5. Test how it works.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Emir Liu

    TechNet Community Support

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