Documenting the process and procedure


  • 1-st document: Process Description.
    Executive Summary
    Inputs/Outputs of process
    List of workflows

    2-nd document: Process Workflows
    Lot of Tables: Activity|Role|In-Out|Time|Comments

    +several documents (role matrix, work instructions, workforce calculations, etc), depend from customer.

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  • hi Bitha,

    i would like to give the process which i am following for change management documentation. these are the process which you can follow in writting them in the same manner(the best way to make one manin document and put subdocuments in it).

    1. Initiation =  The change initiator completes an RFC.
    2. Acceptance & Classification = The change Manager accepts the RFC and classifies it according to type.
    3. Logging = The RFC goes to into Configuration Management Database
    4. Assessment = the change Manager Performs an initial assessment of the RFC and assigns a priority and classification.
    5. Authorization or Rejection = If the formal Change process is unsuitable, the change Manager rejects the RFC and             notifies the change initiator.
    6. Planning & Cordination = The change Maanger establishes the initial Plan , task,roles and responsibilities for the evaluating     and implementing the change.
    7. Evaluation = After the change , One or More eveluating determine if the change was successful or not.
    8. Closure = The change Manager cloes the RFC, and communicate status to the initiator. 

    i hope this will hepl you. 

    Feel Free to ask,



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