Failure when expanding disk (Windows Server 2016)


  • We have several Windows 2016 Std with Hyper-V role installed. Standalone server

    Quite often, when we are trying to modify running VM with Expand Dynamic disk operation for guest OS - we have a problem. If we are expanding not a system drive - VMs is "reachable" with ping, it looks working, When we are looking inside guest VM - the volume that was modified - is in "freezed" state. Disk management - hanging, Open via explorer - waiting forever/not responding. A lot of errors related to volume.

    When we are changing system drive (same Expand operation) - VM stop responding at all (ping, RDP, etc).

    When VM is in stopped state - same operation goes without a problem.

    Host 2016 server event logs - doesnt have any useful info/errors, etc.

    We waited up to 20 min, then tried to cancel operation, restart HV VM management service.

    But the only possible way that we found for restoring VM was to RESET HyperV host.

    We were able to reproduce couple of times with VMs based on 2012 R2 and 2016 guest OS. Periodically - it goes well, without problem for same VMs. 

    With 2012R2 - there is no such problem, we made same operation hundreds of times.

    That is crazy solution, for such simple operation when VM is large SQL server (1,5 TB RAM, etc), and should be 99,9% uptime. Please help to find out what can be the reason of that problem.

    1 มีนาคม 2561 9:05