Hyper V host restart from time to time after installing Veritas 16


  • we had do installation for Veritas 16 on two HyperV servers (HyperV server1, HyperV server2), and once we finsih the installation, we noticed that both servers start to restart from time to time and when we uninstall all services related to Verotas from hyperV server1, the server never restart from that time, 

    I had involve Veritas support , but after one month of checking the issue, they are saying that the issue is not from their side, may be it is from Microsoft side.

    again I do the installation on the Hyper V server1 , the server start to restart again from time to time.

    this is the error message I'm receiving when the server restart

    14 พฤษภาคม 2561 10:12