Custom Master Page not being Inherited in subsites


  • Hi

    I have amended the V4.master page, all i have done it to remove the colour BLACK from the div #s4-riboncont tag and replace it with an image, the page saves fine and when published and approved is visible and working correctly on my publishing site.  Now if i create a subsite (a team site) i would expect it to use the same master page, it does not, it loads with a new default version of the V4.master page as its master page.  If i then enable the Publishing Feature on the team site and set the master page to inherit its parent master page, it still does not.  If i go to the home page and set the master page to Reset all subsites to inherit this site master page setting, it still does not work.

    What am i doing wrong? surely i dont have to customise each V4.master in each site?

    Thanks in advance


    14 เมษายน 2553 9:58