Transport rule to send an autoreply to sender with generic disclaimer


  • Hi there

    have a question:

    some employees are being divested to a new company

    I need to

    auto-forward all mail sent to the employee mailbox to the new company mailbox - but restrict the ability to recieve on the original mailbox - so have created a contact to the new external mailbox and made sure that message is not delivered to the mailbox only the forwarding address

    The tricky part is - need the mailbox to autoreply to the sender with generic disclaimer - there are over a 1000 mailboxes - cannot see a way a transport rule can accomplish this in 2013 - there is a reject action alright - but that means the message wont get forwarded also need to restrict the employee from sending from the old mailbox  - straight forward enough with another transport rule to drop all messages - its the autoreply that is the problem? any ideas?

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  • You're right, that doesn't exist in the standard transport rule set, and it's a shame.  The only built-in ways to do this I'm aware of are through out-of-office or inbox rules, and those requires the messages be delivered to the mailbox.

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