What the permission for running task remotely?


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    I need to run a scheduled task on server remotely from a user's computer. Right it works with the account "test" which has the local administrator privilege when I run "schtasks /run /S server /U server\test /P password /I /TN Task" from the user's computer.

    But I do not want the user have the local admin privilege. Either hide the "Test" user name or password to have the user run or give the account "test" none local admin privilege. Either way works for me, but I don't know how to approach it. Need help!

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  • Hi William,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I ran "schtasks /run /S server /U server\test /P password /I /TN Task" and got "Error: Access is denied. "

    User "test" has been granted "Log on as a batch job" user right. 

    If I grant "test" local admin privilege, it will be successful to run the command.

    I checked Event viewer and didn't see any error related to schtasks.

    May I know what detail error message you are looking for and where can I get it?

    Many thanks! 



    Please refer to the following article:

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