SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow Where is the code? RunWithElevatedPermissions ?


  • I have created a Workflow in SharePoint Designer and need the workflow to run with elevated permissions regaurdless of the user permissions that kickoff the workflow. The workflow runs on a InfoPath form library for requesting vacation. The form then moves from the drop box to the archive library where employees will not have access to it. The workflow fails because the users that kickoff the workflow do not have access to that library. I have googled for several days and found tons of code examples. My programming background is pretty limited, I understand Public vs Private classes and methods but don't know where the code is stored for the workflow I created in SPD. I could probably figure out how to modify the code with the examples I found if I only knew where it was. SPD only displays the xml xoml and rules documents. If there is a easier method to accomplish my goal while restricting access to those resources Im all ears. 

    SharePoint 2007  W/Services 3.0

    SharePoint Designer 2007

    Server 2003

    23 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 4:55