InTune setup vs proxy

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  • Hi there (is there someone from MS ?)

    Because of that situation we are stopping our investigations for deploying InTune on our 140 PC.

    The way all computers communicate with all servers is not manageable : too much hosts, too mush requests.

    Analysing the flow beetween PCs and Internet is scaring : too many IPs are tested and they always change, and also I noticed that the Clients from France are not only communicating with European datacenter, which is strange.

    I'm really hoping that for vnext you will use the same layout as for Atlanta : a local proxy server that all PC can contact when on internal network, that proxy would centralize all communications with internet and also do a caching of deployed files. And when PC goes out of the network they switch to a direct connection.


    Laurent Gébeau
    30 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba 10:29