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  • I installed Windows 7 (64bit) over Vista (64 bit) per included instructions with no evedent problems. Then I did a reboot and the system came to stop with the following message; File: \windows\system32\winload.exe.  Status 0xc000428.  Info: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. I rebooted with Windows 7 CD and selected repair. It quickly came back and said no problems were found. I selected "Finish" and it booted normally. I must go thru this process every time I need to reboot. I suppose the only way to fix this problem is to do a clean install. Any one have a better idea?
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  • I have the same problem. 

    The screen gives absolutely inadequate instructions about what to do.  Very vague and indefinite.  It didn't give a clue about how to bypass the problem and bring up Windows.  Fortunately I made a Ubuntu disk and I was able to get on the Internet and try to find answers.  The solution implied that I should reboot and F8 to bring up the boot options; from there take the option to temporarily bypass the error.  There was nothing of the sort there like that.  I decided to just try to select my C: drive and see what happened.  Lo and behold it worked and Windows 7 came up.  That is the method I have to use every time to get into Window 7!

    Here is my list of things I tried that don't work:
    1.  Boot to backup disk.  Run Repair Windows.  It says, "Aha!  We found two startup errors and will fix them.  There!  Fixed!  All is well, go about your business."  I rebooted and the Driver Signature Enforcement error screen was still there.  I tried this again and this time it didn't find any errors.  I didn't like its other options (like reinstall Windows) so I went back to see if I find a way to bring up Windows 7.  See the previous paragraph.

    2.  Once into Windows 7, I tried System Restore.  I went back one version.  No good.  I went back four days (about six versions).  Still no good.  Of course, all the old errors popped up again and I had to deal with them.

    3.  I followed someone else's advice and ran a program ("bd... something") to set my computer in test mode so the problem would go away.  Not only did the problem not go away, but now I always have the message "Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600" in the lower left corner of every screen.

    4.  The most popular fix that doesn't work is the dseo13b.exe program.  The initials are Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider.  My Microsoft Security Essentialls went ballistic when I downloaded it, so I had to tell it that everything was OK.  You first enable Test Mode, then you sign the system file (winload.exe).  Reboot and find that it doesn't still have the problem.

    5.  I did a command prompt search of winload.exe and found it was at c:\windows\system32\ and at ...\system32\boot\.  It was also in a windows subdir called winsxs, where followed down it has winload. exe and .efi.  These were in AMD files, since that is my processor.  I ran a command line program called fc to compare the system32\ files of the same name and it reported no differences; however, NT type directories go deep with other file characteristics, so there might be differences there.  Still, I tried the dseo13b.exe program on the ...\boot\ version too, but that also made no difference.

    So here we are:  stuck.  From the discussions I found on the Internet, Microsoft isn't about to bail us out.  Mainly because the apparent only way to do it is to open the floodgates for unsigned files to get planted on our computers.  There may be a way to get just the system32\ files replaced without having to reinstall the whole OS.  I am hoping for that.


    John Stewart
    16/ذو القعدة/1430 01:40 ص
  • Just to follow up:  I did a reinstall and even that didn't fix my problem!

    I chose an Upgrade install because that is what my Windows 7 license is for.  Apparently it saved the winload.exe file(s).  I still get stopped on every restart and have to select the boot drive. 

    I have a question out as to whether my Upgrade license would cover me if I do a full install.  Anyone know? 

    John Stewart
    19/ذو القعدة/1430 07:29 م
  • Anyone resolve this yet?  I have this identical problem -- install Win 7 over Vista (both 64 bit) - exact same error.  Reinstalling from scratch does not resolve the problem.
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  • Yes, after following many, many threads and ideas, I finally found what solved my problem.  See the last post in my thread at:

    I will be available to answer any of your questions and will help all I can to walk you through to the same solution I found.

    John Stewart
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