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  • Hello everyone,

    This is my first post, so I'm not sure if this is the right category.

    I am a IT student and use Hyper-V on my laptop and desktop, I would like to remote manage the virtual machines so I can easily use my laptop vm's.

    I've tried a lot of tutorials, but none seem to be working. This is the error I get all the time:

    "An error occurred while attempting to connect to server Check that the virtual machine management service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server"

    I use both my desktop and laptop in a workgroup enviroment and have them connected over LAN. My desktop being (DAVID-DESKTOP) and  my laptop (DAVID-LAPTOP)

    • I have added my desktop to TrustedHosts and vice versa if that is needed 
    • I have the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Machine Management service running on the laptop 
    • I have cmdkey from my laptop in my desktop, is that correct? I have added both the IP and hostname, it didn't work either way.
    • I have disabled the firewall on my laptop and desktop while testing this

    I am not yet allowed to insert links/images, so they will come soon (I hope)

    So with having tried all the above options, what am I doing wrong?


    11/شوال/1438 09:15 م

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