Can anybody guide me in setting up my XP and Windows 7 based IIS to work with PHP?


  • Let me start out by saying that I know this is long-winded, but I am trying to provide detail that will let people know what I have already tried.

    I have been trying to set up my local workstation based IIS servers to work with PHP, but the instructions I can find are vague and so far, I have not gotten the servers to respond to even a simple PHP script. 

    I have both Windows 7 Pro and Windows XP Pro workstations.   I am attempting to use php-5.4.10-Win32-VC9-x86, which is, I think, their latest stable version.  VC9 is what they say to use with IIS. Here are some direct quotes from the installation instructions:

    For many servers PHP has a direct module interface (also called SAPI).These servers include Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape and iPlanet servers. Note: The .dll module is not specified.  The only file that seems close is named "php5nsapi.dll", but I think that is linked to a Netscape server. ...

    Windows Installer (PHP 5.2 and later)  The Windows PHP installer for later versions of PHP is built using MSI logy using the Wix Toolkit ( It will install and configure PHP and all the built-in and PECL extensions, as well as configure many of the popular web servers such as IIS, Apache, and Xitami. 

    Note: I have not been able to locate this installer package for any version of PHP.  I did find something called PHP Manager for IIS at:, but that did not solve my problem either.

    I tried manual installation.  I unzipped the PHP code to C:\PHP  Here again are instructions from

    "Here is a list of server modules shipped with PHP 5:

         * sapi/php5apache2_2.dll - Apache 2.2.x module.

         * sapi/php5apache.dll (php5apache.dll) - Apache 1.x module

         * sapi/php5apache2.dll (php5apache2.dll) -  - Apache 2.0.x module.

         * sapi/php5isapi.dll - ISAPI Module for ISAPI compliant web servers like IIS 5.0 or newer. However the FCGI SAPI is recommended with IIS  Note:  There is no sapi folder and no php5isapi.dll in the distribution.  The only files that looked promising were php.exe, php-cgi.exe, and php-win.exe.

    I have tried to add each of these to the ISAPI Filters tab on my XP workstation with no luck. I get a RED status arrow and Status Unkown indicator.  I get similar results on my Windows 7 IIS manager although the directions there are somewhat different. 

    I have added or tried to add the .php extension to the Application Configuration Window on XP and similarly on Windows 7.  On XP I don't see any errors in the configuration, but then I don't see any response either.  I forget exactly what happened on my Windows 7 Pro workstation, but I know it did not work.  I think it needs to reference an active module on the modules tab, but I could not figure how to configure that.

    So this is what I have tried so far.  This is the second forum on which I posted something similar. 

    I do not see an IIS specfic forum on which to post this message; none of the categories in this application shows any such forum


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