DPM 2016 RU4 and Exchnage 2016 DAG CU7 - no Log files truncated RRS feed

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  • Hi

    I have a very strange Problem

    DPM 2016 RU4 installed on Server 2016 (No DC, no Exchange)

    2x Exchange 2016 CU7 on Server 2016 with 1 DAG

    I tried to make a backup like this:

    the Database copy Settings are this here (on Server 2 there are the passive copys)

    The protection Group now:

    Full Backup at 08:00 and 20:00 is running. In Eventlog threre are entries like:

    ID 2046 - Database log truncation has been requested for this database. Log truncation will occur on the active copy after the next log generation is created. Log truncation will occur automatically on the passive copies after that log file is copied.

    but when Im looking on the storage into the Databse directories, no log files are truncated. All Log-files from 28.12. 2017 (EX01-DB01) or 21.12.2017 (PFProxydatabase) 

    Why? What is the reason?

    Any ideas / help????

    best regards


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