"netsh wlan show profiles" is not showing all available networks! RRS feed

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  • The owner of the company where I work refuses to put forth the money for a ubiquitous wlan system. Instead, we have a bunch of cheap routers all over. I know, disgraceful. I was told that if I can show how vulnerable this set up is there is a possibility for an upgrade. I found a four minute video that shows my how to access the password of a router that your pc has never seen before.

    When I enter the command "netsh wlan show profiles" in my cmd(admin) only networks that have I have connected to in the past show up. It is my understanding though that available networks or available networks and past connections are supposed to show up. My PC will not allow me to connect to any new networks. I know that this should work. There are countless videos on YouTube where this is working.

    When I enter "netsh wlan sh ne" though the networks that I had expected to see but did not appear. I cannot connect through this method.




    08/رمضان/1439 08:14 م

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