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  • Hello!

    This is my first post on this forum. I downloaded the Windows 7 RC a few days ago and installed it on my laptop.
    I found it to be very fast and stable and i didn't have any problems with it so far...
    Today I've tried to install one of our applications (it is 16-bit) onto my win7 laptop and I worked!
    And this is why I am writing this post: I am confused: if there is no  support for 16-bit applications in Windows 7, then how it is possible (there are wowexec and ntvdm) ??? Maybe I am wrong and there is  the 16-bit support ? or it is a temp feature of RC version ?
    Any ideas will be highly appreciated!
    thank you
    19/جمادى الأولى/1430 11:51 م


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  • Your program may indeed be written as a 16 bit application, but any 32 bit or 64 bit operating system should be able to run it in 16 bit compatibility mode.  This is standard procedure to allow for backwards compatibility with previous software releases. Obviously, this means that there is full support for 16 bit applications in Windows 7, but of course not ALL 16-bit applications may be supported through the operating system.
    19/جمادى الأولى/1430 11:55 م
  • The 32 bit version supports the 16 bit applications but not the 64 bit.
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    20/جمادى الأولى/1430 02:32 ص