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  • A client system (XP SP3, Novell Network ZENworks/Groupwise, Non-Admin account) here is having issues saving documents from within IE8 to her assigned Network drive. (I know more technical details for the network/setup may be warranted but for now I'm hoping someone has seen this or knows a fix based on this basic info)

    None of her mapped network drives show up as possible save locations from within the IE8 "save as" dialogue.

    Her drives are  working fine otherwise; she can read, write, delete, etc. to them from Windows Explorer and other programs. There doesn't seem to be any further permission issues or drive mapping issues.

    In this particular case, the file she wants saved is a PDF.  Adobe Acrobat is installed and works fine otherwise for viewing, saving PDF docs.

    The Scholastic program she uses insists on launching the PDF from within IE8 when it generates reports for print/view.

    Here's what else I know so far:

    • When Adobe Reader/Acrobat is launched independently of IE, all of the network drives are available to save to. No issues here.
    • This saving issue applies to all file types, not just PDFs (I tested with an MP3 file too). The PDF issue is just here at the forefront because of its tie-in with IE and the scholastic program that forces IE to handle the PDF.
    • Is seems to be an issue specific to this user's account permissions and IE8 only. - I installed Firefox for testing purposes and from there I can save PDF and mp3 files to all network shares.
    • There are no settings within the Scholastic software to tell it NOT to launch IE for it's PDF export feature. Even with Firefox installed and set as default browser, it spawns an IE window. (seriously, why would someone program that way??)
    • I have tried setting the URL for the generated PDF to the "Intranet Zone" type in the security settings of IE. No change.
    • I have confirmed that, as the domain admin, I CAN saved to these locations from within IE, again: the issue seems Account and IE specific.
    Clearly there are some work-arounds, but I'm looking for a solution and maybe a explanation to this behavior.
    A group policy issue? An IE issue? Both?

    At this point, I'll even take advice on where might be a better place to ask for help.

    I'm not sure if this should be in a Novell forum, XP forum, IE forum, or somewhere else.

    Thanks for your time and help.
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