Dual Boot Windows 7 with preinstalled Windows 8 on GPT-formatted hard disk and UEFI BIOS. RRS feed

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  • Question for Jordon Wees,


    You wrote: I can successfully install both operating
    systems in UEFI mode, with Windows 7 on the first partition and Windows 8 on
    the second partition. <o:p></o:p>

    But I couldn´t!<o:p></o:p>

    Could you please provide me how to install Windows 7
    64 bit on a PC that already has Windows 8 64 bit preinstalled?<o:p></o:p>

    I have also a GPT-formatted hard disk with UEFI BIOS
    but I get the error message that windows can´t install Windows 7 on the disk
    because it is a GPT-formatted hard disk.<o:p></o:p>

    I don´t understand this because it is a GPT-formatted
    hard disk with Windows 8 on it!<o:p></o:p>

    I can´t change the hard disk to MBR format because I
    will lose Widows 8 and all other partitions.<o:p></o:p>

    In the BIOS for the storage dives Boot´ option I
    selected the: only UEFI, I could also select the option ´first UEFI´ but it doesn´t
    change the failure of installing Windows 7.<o:p></o:p>

    Thanks, Sia

    11/ربيع الثاني/1434 08:39 م


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  • Hi,

    What is the exact error message?

    You can disable the secure boot option for a test.

    Alex Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

    15/ربيع الثاني/1434 10:08 ص
  • If I am reading your issue correctly. Windows 8 came pre-installed on a computer with a hard disk setup as a GPT with UEFI configured.

    If this is the case then the outcome you are experiencing is correct.

    Windows 7 does not inherently have the ability to install into a GPT disk from the base installation.  The Windows 7 DVD is designed to install using BIOS mode.

    Also note that Windows 7 x86 does not support UEFI mode.

    These two articles below may help you.



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  • Hello all, the solution is really simple: You don't need to boot from Windows 7 DVD or USB Key (!)

    1. Use Win 8 (or some external tool running with Win 8) for repartioning your GPT based disk
    2. Create a free GPT based primary partion for Win 7 64 behind of Win 8 partion
    3. Format the new partion using NTFS
    4. Insert your Win 7 64 installation media (DVD or USB Key)
    5. Change to root directory on installation media
    6. Run setup.exe

    In such case you are using UEFI mode and Win 7 installatin will access your GPT based disk without troubles. If you didn't harm your partion table, the Win 7 64 installation will create also a dual boot entry in boot manager for free.

    Enjoy - BR Stan.

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  • There's a much simpler option I've used here, although it does take another physical hard drive for a few minutes.

    1.  Pull the OS drive, insert a blank one, switch to bios, and install windows 7 on the new drive

    2. Run Disk2VHD on that new drive and convert it to a VHD

    3. Revert back to UEFI Boot and boot into windows 8

    4. copy that VHD to the Windows 8 os drive.

    5. add a boot from vhd line to the windows 8 BCD

    You'll end up with a dual-booting system, with windows 7 booting from VHD, and you won't have disturbed the Windows 8 partitions at all.

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  • I am getting error while i am trying to install windows 7 x64. the installation wizard shows error as "windows setup experienced an unexpected error. To install windows restart the installation ".

    Can you please tell me where i am doing wrong.

    I followed stan_conexia_at's method.
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    05/ربيع الثاني/1435 02:57 م
  • Hello Kumar, only the 64 bit Version of Win 7 is able to use UEFI mode, as Sean also wrote. For me it's looking like broken installation of x86 (32 bit) version of Win 7. Are you really sure to have the right Win 7 installation ? BR Stan.
    05/ربيع الثاني/1435 10:20 م
  • Hello BR Stan,

    I followed your procedure but when I shall choose the partition for Win 7 installation, I have the following error "0x80300002c ==> Your disk is GPT. The selected partition is not in the good order. Please contact our support. Continue?" (Sorry but I tried to translate the message according my memory, it is not the real message)

    Can I continue with this error or not? I did not want to trouble Win 8 or recovery.



    10/رمضان/1435 05:59 ص
  • Clem,

    If I understand your statement your trying to install Windows 7 into a GPT partition and recieving a partition error.

    It sounds like you don't have a empty partition for Windows 7 to install into.  Do you have a empty partition on the disk?  If not you will need to use diskpart to shrink the partition, in effect leaving with enough room to create a new partition for Windows 7 installation while not effecting the other partitions.


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    12/رمضان/1435 03:28 م
  • Sean,

    Thanks for your answer.

    In my disk, configured in GPT format, I have:

    Disk 0 Partition 1: WINRE_DRV (OEM)
    Disk 0 Partition 2: SYSTEM_DRV (J:)
    Disk 0 Partition 3: LRS_REP (OEM)
    Disk 0 Partition 4: MSR
    Disk 0 Partition 5: Windows8_OS
    Disk 0 Partition 6: Windows7_OS (Empty, created by shrink of partition 5)
    Disk 0 Partition 7: PersonalRecovery (Empty, in order to perform recovery of Win 7)
    Disk 0 Partition 8: PersonalData (Empty, in order to save personal data)
    Disk 0 Partition 9: LENOVO (Revory for my Lenovo laptop)
    Disk 0 Partition 10: PBR_DRV (OEM)

    In the disk, I have created Partition 6, 7 and 8 with Partition 5 (Shrink of itself). I try to install win 7 on partition 6 by win 8 interface (desk of win 8) and when I arrive in selection of partition windows, I have this message "The partitions on the disk selected for install are not in the recommended order. For more information on installation on GPT disks, see the Microsoft website and search for GPT. Would you like to continue?"

    When I click on Cancel, I have this message: "Windows can not be installed on the selected location. Error: 0x8030002C"

    I did not try to click in "OK" to continue installation for fear of adding trouble in win 8 installation.



    12/رمضان/1435 07:58 م
  • Hello Clem,

    simply too much fear :-) If you have finished repartitioning, no change of partition 5 will be made during the installation of Win 7 64 on partition 6. But may be, the Win 7 installer could have troubles with dual boot entry in boot manager - but so far I understand, it should NOT occur. Just try it - in case of troubles you will be able to set the partition 5 as active - this will be NOT touched during the installation. Best Regards Stan.

    14/رمضان/1435 11:57 م
  • Hello Stan,

    I tried to follow installation. Several strange phenomenon appear (Screen stuck, red bands, ...). After installation, windows 7 is not functionnal. The screen become black with red band on the top and my laptop restarts with windows error... My Windows 8 is still operationnal but the default boot entry is windows 7.

    I will try to ghost my hard disk and install windows 7 on clean disk.


    22/رمضان/1435 03:18 م
  • Clem,

    Are you installing Windows 7 in EFI mode or just running the install off the disk? 

    Also just a note for feature reference it is always best practice to install the oldest operating system first when you are creating a dual booting system.  I know this doesn't apply in this case as you bought it with Win8 however just for future note.


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    25/رمضان/1435 09:21 م