How to run task every 30 seconds RRS feed

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  • Take a look at the following link

    Anyway, according to what I Know, you cannot set a repetition interval lower than one minute.


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  • I know this but what seetings should i change to accomplish this ?

    thanks in advance

    13/جمادى الأولى/1433 01:04 م
  • Hi ,

    The least repetition interval value of task scheduler must be 1 minute. You can create a task to run an app every minute. But it cannot be set to 30 seconds. This is by design. Would you like to tell me what app you want to schedule?  The following article for your reference:

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  • Thanks

    yes, i want to take a screenShot of the client's desktop every x seconds.

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  • Thanks

    yes, i want to take a screenShot of the client's desktop every x seconds.

    Try open source coded projects that are out there.  Most are free, and without going into detail and naming names (of programs) they'll do what you want to accomplish.  Spy on the client...have just tried 2 very goods ones myself...but for my own security.  Kept the one, BTW if you ate your vitamins in the morning maybe you'd have the energy to check on 'em....theres a hint here somewhere.  Good Luck


    ps...just read my reply again.  Theres actually more than one hint.
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  • Hi ,

    Firstly, I still would like to say that this goal cannot be achieved by creating a scheduled task.

    Why did you want to collect the screenshots for the client’s desktop every 30 seconds?

    Also, you may go to check if the Problem Steps Recorder can help collect the information which you would like to obtain.

    The Problem Steps Recorder in the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information.

    If the above information does not help, you may need to find a special program or write a script for it.

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  • Thanks

    it's good thing but does not help me.

    thanks again

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  • Similar issue i met, i have a task need run immediately after create it, so i set /st as current time plus 10 secs. the problem is if current time is like 23:51:30, after trimmed the /st is 23:51:00, so the task will never run, so my current solution is plus 70 secs, not the best way, still searching...
    23/ذو الحجة/1433 05:43 ص
  • Hi

    i want to make a task which run my app every 30 seconds. how to accomplish this in win 7 ?


    Can you post the code you want to run every 30 seconds?
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  • i hope you have got the answer to this question in this 2 long years

    but if not
    then follow the below steps
    1.Create the task with 5min interval.

    2.Export the task in .xml format.

    3.Open .xml file with Notepad.

    4.Change the Interval parameter from 5M (it denotes five minutes) to as per your requirement.

    5.Save the changes.

    6.Import the new updated file in Task Schedular.

    7.When a pop up of settings is displayed, Just click OK.

    8.Your task with the custom duration is ready.

    Note: Min time duration is one minute.

    So you have to schedule two such type of tasks 30 seconds apart.

    26/رمضان/1435 01:26 م
  • Lol it's much easier:

    1. Create .bat file such:



    your command

    rem make 2 tries to ping itself (every try is paused for 1 sec)

    ping /n 2 localhost  > nul

    goto :start


    you can change 2 for 30 and get 30 sec wait.

    After that add this bat file to your scheduler with 10min interval. It means your command will be executed every X seconds until crashed and will be restarted in 10 min by scheduler.

    Don't forget not to create parallel instances (the setting in scheduler)

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  • Lol it's much easier:

    rem make 2 tries to ping itself (every try is paused for 1 sec)

    ping /n 2 localhost  > nul

    LOL - it becomes much easier again (and much more accurate) if you use timeout.exe instead of ping.exe. Timeout is available at least with Windows 7.

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  • Yes, timeout /t 30 is also a solution (in Win7,8))
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  • Have you tried creating two tasks both of which run every 1 minute every day, one starting from 0:00:00 and the other starting from 0:00:30?
    18/رمضان/1438 07:15 ص
  • You can and can't do this.. 

    Task scheduler will require a 1-min interval at the minimum.. 

    You can however Batch script it with wait commands to run every 30 seconds.. but that's a lot of copy and pasting..  It will work though.. 

    For instance.. 

    do this.. 

    Timeout /t 30 

    do this... 

    timeout /t 30 


    Alternately you can setup your script to run every 1min from the Task manager.. and just put the Timeout /t 30 in the script and duplicate it once..

    For instance..

    Task manager runs it every min, at the end of the script put timeout /30 and the same thing in it.. than it will run every 30 seconds.. but you can just use Task manager to run it every 1min..



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