Cannot bulk delete old AD user objects due to insufficient privleges on subcontainers. RRS feed

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  • I use the below script to bulk remove users in AD

    import-module activedirectory
    $users = import-csv -Path "C:\delusers.csv"
    $usernames = $users | select samaccountname
    foreach ($username in $usernames) {
         $($username.samaccountname) | Remove-ADUser -Confirm:$false

    I am getting a lot of error messages like this due to insufficient privleges.  

    Remove-ADUser : Cannot find an object with identity: 'JDoe' under: 'DC=mydomain,DC=com'.
    At line:5 char:36
    +      $($username.samaccountname) | Remove-ADUser -Confirm:$false
    +                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (JDoe:ADUser) [Remove-ADUser], ADIdentityNotFoundException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ActiveDirectoryCmdlet:Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException,Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.Commands.RemoveADUser

    I use ADSIEDIT and nagivate to the account and grant myself right to the Exchangeactivesyncdevice folder and delete the object.  

    Is there anything in my script I could modify to do this automatically?

    I am trying this script.  If I want to test this against an OU which contains disabled user accounts, should I replace the second line from $OUDomain=" " to $OUDomain="distingushed name of the OU"?

    If every thing works, I replace it to $OUDomain="".  

    Please advise again.  

    $FilePath = "C:\Scripts\ActiveSync\removed-eas-students.csv"
    $OuDomain = " "

    $EASDevices = Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited -OrganizationalUnit $OuDomain | `
    Where-Object {$_.ExchangeUserAccountControl -match 'AccountDisabled'}

    ForEach($mailbox in $EASDevices) {
          Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox $mailbox.Identity |`
          Remove-ActiveSyncDevice -Confirm:$True

    $EASDevices | Select-Object DisplayName , Alias | Export-Csv $FilePath -NoTypeInformation

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  • Do those users still have an Exchange mailbox? Try using "Remove-Mailbox" instead of dealing directly with the AD object. That should delete the mailbox and the AD user object. There are usually good reasons for using the applications-specific cmdlets!

    --- Rich Matheisen MCSE&I, Exchange Ex-MVP (16 years)

    22/صفر/1441 05:48 م
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