error message for windows update for windows xp RRS feed

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    Error 80070422 is the code i keep getting when i try to enable update. it says to run services.msc and click properties and enable it. and verify startup it wont enable unless i keep doing it over and over  . it doesnt start and when i can get it to enable for automatic and i click the start button it says it has been disabled or has no enabled devices associated with it.


    apparantly this site is for vista but i dont know anywhere else to ask my question. please help me figure this out. thx.

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  • Hi, the Windows Vista Announcements forum is for general Windows Vista FYI only. Please do not post Windows XP questions in this thread. Make sure to choose the appropriate Windows Vista forum before submitting an inquiry. For your information, you'd better submit the thread to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3). Thanks for your understanding.

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