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  • I am running PC build 14379. I'd like to change my login method from password to PIN, but I can't. Here's what happens:

    I go to Accounts, Sign In Options. Under PIN, there's an Add button. I click it,

    Next I get a "We need  to verify your identity" screen that prompts me for the PIN I don't have.

    If I click "I forgot my PIN", I get a message saying I can reset my PIN by going to Accounts > Sign-in Options - which is where I am and there's no option to reset a PIN.

    Sometimes this screen says "Use another method". When I do that it prompts me for my password and then I'm back to the PIN prompt.

    On another Win10 system (not Insider build) I set a PIN and that works fine. The PIN I used there isn't recognized here.

    How do I get out of this infinite loop?  The behavior has been consistent for the last several builds. I did report it through Feedback earlier. Thanks.

    26/شوال/1437 12:05 ص

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