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  • I have 50 some App-V packages sequenced in 4.5 & 4.6 in AdminStudio and I need to re-sequence them in 5.1 for Win10 x64 w/ Office 2016. I attempted to sequence 7 apps today, and each one had this issue when trying to launch (I believe) shockwave media. The issue only occurs after sequencing and loading either via SCCM or manually with PS. The test runs work fine during sequencing.

    Director Player Error

    Unable to load movie playlist. Does the .INI file exist? It must contain a section '[Movies]' with an entry 'Movie01=Pathname.dir'.

    Any tips? I have only sequenced a handful other apps and that was in 4.6 SP3.

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  • If you're still having the issue I believe I may have found out what it causing it.

    With Appv 5 the location of sequenced applications has moved rather drastically from a virtual Q drive to the users local app data. For example:


    The problem occurs because it's expecting a path of 127 characters and with Appv 5 it is at least ~139 and that's just the path you see above. Application name and username lengths don't vary enough to bring this below the 127. This link doesn't include any child directories or the file name it self.

    And Sadly I have no idea how we can fix this issue. I would be overjoyed if someone has a fix to this.  

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