Re: VirtualApp/Didlogical - Why is there no solution to this Security Breach?


  • How does one uninstall Windows Vault and Credentials Manager?  Why do I need to have this Windows Vault/Credentials Manager if I do not store my credentials on my local machine?  This should be an optional tool!!!!  Specially this Generic Credentials non-sense.

    I went to the KB949104 and it reported that my windows is up to date. Now I am getting this fictitious certificate VirtualApp/Didlogical.  I keep deleting it and it keeps re-appearing.

    I do not have automatic windows updates because I fear creating a backdoor from my limited user account to my admin account.  I do not see why there should be a difference in the security controls of windows update.  Furthermore, if you are telling me that it is possible for an intruder to install a fake update????

    I just as soon like to disable this Windows Vault all together but do not seem to find instructions on how to do it.  I do not wish to save/store Any Credentials on my computer.  I also do not use Messenger.  How do I get rid of it?

    When I search for KB949104 a Fix IT dialogue box  automatically pops up and what is worse it may or may not fix your troubles.   How do I know that this is not a fake Fix It and I am un-intentionally consenting to allow an intruder to enter my local machine.  There has got to be a better less stressful more secure way.

    Shouldn't updates fix this issue while scanning for updates manually?  How and when did Microsoft fix this issue.

    How do I get rid of generic credentials manager all together and block any and all generic credentials form re-creating itself?

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    15. června 2012 16:49


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