Hide Administrator User account in Standard User Account Profile in Windows 7


  • OS: Windows 7 Professional

    I have created 2 administrator accounts and a standard user account on my customer laptop. One of the administrator account, Admin Account A is hidden from logon screen and this Admin Account A username and password is given to the standard user so that the user can enter the credentials when they encountered the UAC prompt for specific applications. The other administrator account, Admin Account B is visible to the standard user, however, the username and password of Admin Account B was not shared with the standard user.

    I have currently a scenario, where the standard user is able to change the password of Admin Account B using the Admin Account A username and password to login to Control Panel User Accounts. I would like to prevent unauthorized changes to the Admin Account B by the standard user. How can I remove the Admin Account B from view of the standard user in the Control Panel User Accounts?

    17. června 2012 12:05


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