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  • I use Windows 7 32b and I decided to install Virtual pc to utilize Win 7 XPM. Everything worked perfectly I set up a user name & password and logged in(I didn't save credentials) I tried setting up the attachments usb/drives/printer and everything installed flawlessly so I stopped using virtual xp for a couple of weeks then I decided to start Virtual xp but I forgot my password and now I can't log in to Virtual xp anymore so my question is how do I 1. Start a new Virtual XP account if I can't log into VXP to create a new one ? , 2. Reset my password for Virtual Xp so I can log back into my almost fully customized account ? Thanks in advance.    
    30. června 2009 23:09


  • May be you used same credential as of Win7? <g>

    If you absolutely don't remember credentials, only option left is to backup data from VHD (if it is important) and reset the XP VHD. To again reinstall XP VM do following
    1) Take backup of data inside VHD by mounting it as disk (use diskmgmt.msc)
    2) Make sure VPC.exe is not running
    2) Delete diff disk (you can get the path by using settings), delete .VMC, delete .VMCX, delete %localappdata%\Microsoft Virtual PC\options.xml
    3) Click on Virtual Windows XP link, this should set XP VM again

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks, -Vinod -- "This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. You assume all risk for your use."
    2. července 2009 3:44

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