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  • I've been using SQLCE 3.5 in various VB.NET applications for a number of years now but have just run into something I've never seen before and it has me stumped.

    While debugging within Visual Studio 2010 everything runs fine (with the database on a local drive or on the network). But, when running the program outside the VS environment (either the debug or release configuration) access to the database is very, very slow when it is located on the server.

    What could possibly be going on here? I don't have this problem with any of my other applications. I'll admit that I'm not very familiar with the inner workings of the configuration files. Could there be something lurking in there that's causing this?

    pátek 29. května 2020 22:40


  • Source of the problem has been discovered but the reason not so much.

    Admin had installed new security software and the "realtime shield" feature interferes with the network access.

    Still no idea why it doesn't do so when running in the development environment.

    • Označen jako odpověď SamNHI neděle 31. května 2020 19:10
    neděle 31. května 2020 19:10

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