Cannot wake from sleep/blank screen

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  • I have the same issue as others are reporting ... all sleep and hibernate options turned off in Power scheme and computer still randomly decides to go to sleep -- or at least kill the monitor; fans are still running -- and it can not be brought back to life.  Have to hard power down / restart.

    M/B: Gigatebyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 / 3.2 Ghz / 2600 Mhz FSB
    RAM: 4 GB Kingston Hyper X @ 1800 Mhz
    Video: NVidea Geforce 9500 GT
    Drive: Seagate 300 GB, 10k RPM
    Monitor: Samsung

    Cannot Remote Desktop
    Fans still running
    Lights On
    Monitor off (blinking power light)
    Unresponsive to Ctrl-Alt-Del

    This is SUPER annoying.  So much that I'm considering pulling out of the RC evaluation.
    19. června 2009 3:06

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  • wizzicklein -

    Actually.... The issues most people are reporting have to do with Windows 7 not coming back from sleep mode. They DO, however, have it set to take a nap. But none of them reported any issue(s) with the machine going to sleep after sleep's been disabled.

    Let's do this (if you haven't already)...

    1.) Click on the Start Orb. Type CMD.
    2.) Right-click on the item at the top and select "Run as Administrator"

    This will tell you what sleep method is currently active. You SHOULD see it set to "High Performance". If it isn't set to that, you'll need to go back into the power configuration control panel item and set it to that. It will not likely be showing up at the top - it will likely be hiding in the hidden section down below.

    In the meantime... You should also probably disable sleep - before closing the command prompt window, you might want to do these last two steps:

    4.) Type PowerCFG -H OFF <enter>
    5.) Type Exit.

    This will disable hibernation entirely.
    19. června 2009 5:28
  • Wolfie2k6,

    Thanks for the reponse.

    PowerCFG -GETACTIVESCHEME reports active scheme as "High performance."

    I also ran PowerCFG -H OFF, so we'll see what happens.

    Prior to this, I had already gone into the advanced settings for the power scheme and disabled everything -- all sleep and hibernate events.  So, I think this exercise was redundant at best, but perhaps not.  I'm willing to trying anything before going back to Vista.  The problem is, I've exhausted just about everything already.  I expect to know something in a few hours and will provide another reply.
    19. června 2009 18:04
  • Ok, here's the update...

    It's 3:04 PM ET now; I executed the changes described above a little over 1 hour ago.  I turned around and found the Win 7 machine (monitor) dead asleep.  Fans still running, monitor power light blinking -- usual symptoms.

    So, in short, the modifications to the power scheme didn't fix it.

    Any more suggestions before I fdisk and go back to Vista?  I hope, because I think Win 7 is otherwise very promising.
    19. června 2009 19:07
  • wizzicklein -

    Hmm.. Most peculiar.

    Now if you go into the Power Options item on the control panel, and select the "Change Plan Settings" link next to the High Performance option, I'm assuming they both are set to NEVER...

    And you went through all the settings in the "Change Advanced Settings" link and made sure to disable every possible setting that would put the box to sleep...

    What kind of keyboard/mouse do you have? Are they PS/2 or USB? There IS a USB setting in the Advanced plan settings - and it can be either Enabled or Disabled. If you've got a USB KB/Mouse and it's set to be disabled, that may cause the KB and mouse to be disabled in a sleep state. DOH! Make sure the "USB Selective suspend setting" is ENABLED under USB Settings on the advanced screen.
    19. června 2009 21:40
  • whiz

    you should do a quick FORMAT and reinstall Windows 7.
     You might even end up with proper resume-from-sleep behavior.
    19. června 2009 21:56
  • First, thanks for the continuing dialogue.

    I think you might be on to something here.  I checked, and, yes, the plan settings are NEVER for both turning off the display and putting the computer to sleep.

    (Something a little odd just happened while I was typing that.  I had pulled up the control panel on the Win 7 PC, wihch is another cmoputer behind me (not the one that I'm typing on), and it was sitting on the Power Options screen of the Control Panel, showing the Monitor and Sleep dropdown lists.  I turned around to double-check the captions on those dropdowns before typing that first sentence and the computer restarted for no apparent reason ... heard the notorious BIOS beep and hard reset -- very odd.)

    Anyway, both the keyboard and mouse are PS/2, not USB.  AND the USB Selective Suspend was ENABLED.  I think in my case (PS/2 k/b and mouse), I want this set to DISABLED ... yes?  I've disabled it now and will wait to see what happens.

    Stay tuned... !
    19. června 2009 22:03
  • wizzicklein -

    Hmmm.. Weird.. Not so much as a BSOD before the reset?

    The USB select setting shouldn't have any effect one way or the other since your kb and mouse are PS/2. If they were USB, then yes, there could likely be a problem.

    I'm thinking there may be something else amiss here - especially after that rather abrupt reboot... I would recommend doing a diagnostic:

    1.) Click Start org - type CMD
    2.) Right-click and run as Administrator
    3.) type SFC /SCANNOW

    This will check your system files to make sure they're installed correctly and aren't corrupted.

    20. června 2009 6:19
  • No, no blue screen before it rebooted... no nothing.

    I made a classic mistake and changed two variables at once here ... I left the USB Selective Suspend ENABLED and replaced my mouse with a new USB mouse that I had lying around (fresh out of the package).  And, all is looking pretty well so far.  The machine has not yet gone dormant since, which is a good thing.  (Finally, it seems to be honoring the settings.)

    But, for good measure, I am running the SFC validation you suggested.  It's running as write this...

    I'll report back again soon.

    21. června 2009 2:37
  • wizzicklein -

    Most bizzare - Silly question - but you didn't by any chance brush up against the reset switch (if your box has one)..? I've done that a few times by mistake...

    21. června 2009 2:55
  • Ok, the report is...

    WOW.  This is spooky.  So, the integrity check JUST finished about 30 seconds ago.  100% complete; no violations.  I turned around, began typing that first line there ... was about to say that the report is "no integrity violations found" and the monitor just went dark.  Literally seconds ago; and it won't come back.  The lights are all on / same symptoms.  There is no way any sleep/hibernate timeout threshold was reached (they're all off anyway).  Maybe 45 seconds elapsed since I touched that mouse and it's now brain dead again.  DARN it.

    Well, back to the beginning.  Do I need to try replacing my keyboard now with a USB keyboard?  The USB mouse didn't solve anything, but something sure caused it to go a lot longer before "sleeping" this past time.

    BTW - not sure if I mentioned that I was using the VGA port on the PC and changed to the DVI port in the very early stages of troubleshooting this.  In other words, that didn't work either.

    And here we are.  <sigh>

    I also just tried to Remote Desktop and ping to no avail.

    No, no chance that I brushed the reset switch. The box is under the desk BEHIND me, in full sight and away from traffic/movement, etc.
    21. června 2009 2:57
  • Wizzicklein -

    Hmm.. 45 seconds since the last time you touched anything and it did it's thing... This isn't sounding good. Sleep should only happen AFTER the timer's gone off - and if it's disabled, it shouldn't happen at all.

    Maybe it's a BIOS issue... Have you checked to make sure you've got the latest one for your motherboard?

    21. června 2009 3:30
  • Ok, so here's one for you.  I actually shut the PC down after typing the message above, so I just restarted it to check for a BIOS update, according to your message.  This time it went dark on boot, just after beginning to play the little Windows startup jingle, which is usually comprised of four "dings."  Unfortunately, it only made it through 3 ... ding, ding, ding, blank screen.  That's the first time I've seen this one.

    It's possible there is a BIOS update; but it is a new PC.  I'll check/update/report back.  Thanks again.
    21. června 2009 3:49
  • Ok, BIOS updated to latest (22-May-2009) version from Gigabyte for my MB.  That was a good call; something that I planned to do, but didn't make a priority.  So, it's done.  The previous version was January, 2009.

    I rebooted and went to msinfo32 to check some things including the BIOS version, which now shows May 2009.  I noticed that my CPU is now correctly reading 3.2 Ghz Quad Core (4 logical processors) ... previously it was reading 1.33 Ghz.  When I inquired about this, I was told that the M/B clocks it down when not under load and Windows inaccurately reports it as a result.  Not sure I believe that now.  But, it's probably unrelated and a non-issue.

    Anyway,  Iwent to refresh the experience index and it went brain dead on me during the Aero 3d graphics testing.  I rebooted and ran it again and it completed successfully.  Go figure.  I wonder if this is related to the graphics card.  Perhaps I should look at upgrading the firmware on that baby too.

    Not sure what to do at this point except watch it and go back to Vista if all else fails, which seems to be the case.

    21. června 2009 4:42
  • wizzicklein -

    Hmm.. The BIOS update didn't quite do it... Nuts! Was hoping that would be the ticket.  At least it's now correctly reporting the chip and such.

    That may be the next thing to check. Exactly which video card do you have on board?

    Did you have the Beta loaded at any point? And if so, did you notice any of this sort of weirdness with it?

    21. června 2009 6:36
  • OK here's a crazy idea, maybe Windows 7 should actually return from sleep, or is Microsoft support just completely incompetant???

    After looking around the internet I've found that I'm nowhere close to the only person having the "blank screen return from sleep" bug.  So WTF Microsoft?  If you know about the issue how can you in good conscience even be selling Windows 7?  I want a refund, because this is simply ridiculous at this point.

    26. září 2010 19:27
  • Could you send me a procmon log on this start it from the tiem you decide to leave it idle to teh point where it doen't wake up.
    23. února 2011 23:24
  • You might have solved your problem but if not, consider this:

    I solved it today by selecting a non-aero theme. Go to Ctrl Panel. Under Appearances, click Change the Theme and then select any one of the themes under Basic and High contrast theme section.

    Hope this helps you.

    24. března 2012 9:58