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  • My whole computer died and was rebuilt with Windows 10.  But now when I creat a document I cannot share it. I go through the "share" motions but it never gets to my inbox.  I have trip itineraries that I need to share and cannot. HELP.  I am 75 and cannot figure out how to do this. WHAT IS MY PRODUCT KEY AND HOW DO I GET TO IT?  A BOX COMES UP THAT SAYS THE PRODUCT CANNOT BE ACTIVATED BECAUSE THE PRODUCT KEY IS NOT VALID. 

    • Upravený Harville sobota 5. října 2019 16:16
    sobota 5. října 2019 16:14

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  • Hi Harville.

    If Office 2010 was installed on your PC, you should have a disc box or some paper with its product key code printed.
    If you do not have such information, there is no other way to retrieve that product key.


    Luigi Bruno

    sobota 5. října 2019 19:37