Hyper V LocalHost connection failed,在host上連接不了但vm還在行 RRS feed

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  • I have a server 2008R2 environment.

    I have a physical server called "2010base" where 2008R2 is running as a virtual machine in Hyper V.

    These years, the warning is low virtual menory only.
    There is no error log for hyper-v

    2008r2 hyper-v Host is in workgroup but VM guest is PDC of Domain.

    I notice that on my "host server" there is no longer connection with Hyper V mmc.

    It show :The computer 'localhost' failed to perform the requested operation

    However the 2008r2 running virtual seems to be working just fine and no users complain.

    When I check services I see all services running.

    I am affraid that a reboot of either the physical or the virtual server can cause a severe problem id I can't launch the 2008R2 session!

    Any one help?


    我有公司行 2008r2 network.

    有一部實體機2010base 行2008r2 及行hyper-v 2008r2

    實體機是行workgroup 但hyper-v 行的VM是PDC,已join domain

    一路都有warning:low virtual menory ,但沒有理會.


    Hyper-v 的Log完全沒有問題顯示

    今早例行檢查伺服器,發現Hyper-v console mmc :The computer 'localhost' failed to perform the requested operation


    但在網路上,2008r2 PDC還正常運行,沒有任何人士投訢.

    所有service 都正常運行中...

    我想restart,但又怕restart完後,開不起個2008r2 的PDC...


    PS, from google search: Locate and kill the running "WmiPrvSE" process.  I don't know it can work or not?

    C:15/30 GB free,

    D:2800/600 GB free

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