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  • Hi there,

    I have asus notebook with WD 500GB serial ata HDD, before on Win7 i had 3-4Mb/s read and write speed, after upgrading to windows 8 release preview from microsoft webpage my HDD became slow in task manager was written 0.3Mb/s and 100% usage (for every user). I wanted to install back windows 7 it took 6 hours of installation, booting the system taked 1 hour, so i tried to install windows server 2008 with formating whole HDD (i lost more than 30GB of music, 40 GB of movie a lot of application install and all my website projects) but nothing, my HDD i still slow, installation of windows server 2008 took about 5 hours, windows server is boots in 30 minutes, starting "Computer" from start takes 5 minutes, I started check disk on startup = no errors detected. I installed Linux, but slow and extremly lags too. Few months before i Had win 8 developers preview and it runs without problem but release prev. crashed my HDD.

    (CPU usage under win server 2008 2-3% and memory 30% )

    My notebook spec:

    1.6 GHz amd vision E2 dualcore

    4GB of ram

    512 of graphics memory (HD 64XX)

    Can anybody explain me how to repair my HDD?

    Please help, new hdd is too expensive, and I only upgraded my system..... And i Lost a lot off data, lot of my work....

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  • DMA was enabled too
    10. června 2012 11:13
  • The 3-4 MBPS write speed is really bad for Win 7 or any other OS. I think you disk has plenty of bad sectors. Windows never destroys hard drive. Check the health of your HDD using HD Tune pro.
    And next time post your questions in the proper section of the forum.
    10. června 2012 19:59
  • Now i installed windows 7, apps sais my HDD is healthy SMART passed too, my HDD led indicator never turns off under linux or windows too, my HDD starts read and write for few seconds only after hitig pc or presing presing left or right touchpad button.

    so if i turn on my pc i get stuck on windows logo(starting windows or shutting down), but if i press or hit my pc boot continues, while loging in the situation is same while browsing webpages, while working on desktop (installing, using apps,.....) while shuting down, i need every few seconds to press these buttons or hit my pc to be unstucked.

    i configured hdd to turn off after 1 min of inactivity, i went to sleep, today morning my hdd still ON (led indicates and i fell how it is rotating) it doesnt want to turn off.

    My hdd type is: western digital scorpion blue with advanced format technologi and other technologies. Reviews and other sites sais this is very good and reliable HDD...

    these problem started after instaling windows 8...

    11. června 2012 4:00