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  • I am running Windows Server 2019 and get a blank page with "Page failed to load" in the center of the screen, when choosing to configure Windows Media Streaming Options from Network and Sharing.

    I have checked all services (found through much Google), set NetBIOS to enabled, checked Windows logs for error when trying to open (no errors or warnings recorded)...all to no avail.

    I tried all of the options from the article (media-streaming-in-windows-server-2019)...also, no help.

    Please help!!

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    neděle 29. prosince 2019 21:11

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  • Same issue, only on Server 2019 Essentials instead.

    I've seen another thread about this that never got resolved.  I personally think that this needs a bit more official documentation as I can't find any documentation (official or not) regarding Server 2019/Essentials Media Streaming and required parts...

    pondělí 30. prosince 2019 6:03
  • See if you can get the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" running.  I bet that's the issue.  Trouble is, it doesn't want to start as it is missing a dependency (at least for me).

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  • Need to run Windows search service. Then Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service started correctly
    středa 11. března 2020 15:27