how to access host drive in xp mode

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  • 1. How to access drive in xp-mode?

    2. I used command in xp-mode command window, Net Use R: \\tsclient\d, after that the program called CA-Visual Objects stopped working. This program is installed on xp-mode.  Now, how to delete that newly created R: drive?

    3. CA-Visual Objects software installed on xp-mode did not get published like many other softwares installed on xp-mode got published on its own, why?

    Any help regarding above issues is appreciated.

    AarKay Cee.

    20. září 2011 14:36

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  • There are 2 ways, use the option provided by the Integration Components, or use standard Windows folder and file sharing.

    To disconnect a mapped drive, use "net use r: /delete"  just typing "net use" at the command prompt will give you the usage.

    Depends, not all programs are automatically published, some are explicitly prevented from being published, some programs don't put the icon in the correct location and aren't published.  There are several threads on this already.

    20. září 2011 16:45