Latest Win7 Pro Upgrade permanently turns off my monitor so cant access my PC RRS feed

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  • This morning using my WIN7 PRO 64 opsys on my ASUS P77 Intel HD4000, HDMI, 16GB RAM BENQ monitor (Single) without  any probs. When switched off Auto upgrade started/ When turned back on later , BIOS appears OK , Win7 Splash appears , with " Starting Windows" , (takes ,much longer than usual)  then screen turns off  to black with " No Signal Detected" 

    Turned off power, get emergency start up menu due to this, select "restore  to last known good", but this gives exact same result However when I  switch off  and Pressing F8 o get back to emerge start,I try staring with log file, but dies the same.

    Turning OFF and back with F8 and basiic start with restricted drivers it hangs up at last installed file Win\sys32\ambakdrv.sys then hangs  solid.My Emergency Repair disk I made some time back also does not work.   

    And yes my last update to my separate Win10  PRO PC also stuffed up my disk access and didn't work just last week...took me half a day to restore that to a previous version, but at least I could do that.  I have 6 hard drives on Win7, most 4TB drives , full of engineering software .most of which wont work on Win10. I had a sys back up for Win7, but had to use it on the Win10  the other day as didn't have a large enough separate drive to backup all drives and C files on older Win10  version. amd Win7 PRO seemd very reliable.  Have another old drive somewhere with a sys back for Win7 but will lose a lot of data by doing so.

    Looks like my Win7PRO is dead unless uSoft comes up with a self installing fix

    So that is  TWICE in a matter of days tat uSoft upddates have made using my PCs impossible.   

    Time to cut my losses and get onto another non uSoft system

    Pissed off 


    Mittwoch, 14. August 2019 03:39

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  • Hi John,

    Try to boot into WinRE via Advanced Boot Options screen or installation media.

    Then, execute startup repair or use system restore to recover system to a healthy time point.

    Besides, you could use CMD and WUSA command to uninstall recently installed updates.

    See the result.

    Another way, insert the disk into another Windows 7 machine.


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    Donnerstag, 15. August 2019 03:00