APPCRASH with Smileycons - StackHash_1703


  • Every time I try to run Smileycons I get the error message "Smileycons has stopped working", followed by Windows is checking for a solution to the problem but never finds one.
    I am running Vista Home Premium, with no unusual programs. Just Avast anti-virus, Ad-Aware, Windows Defender.
    I have contacted the Support people from Smileycons, they maintain it is a Security Suite or similar blocking the program.
    Having tried everything I can think of, even cleaning out the registry manually after uninstalling the program and downloading and installing a new one. Installation is fine, it just stops when I go to use it.
    This is the report:

    Problem signature

    Extra information about the problem

    Bucket ID: 431105024

    So I have to now assume something in Windows is blocking the program and I'm at my wits' end to find the solution. I have used the program in the past with no problems; it seems to be a relatively recent problem so I'm wondering if a recent security update is involved. I have also got the same problem on my second hard drive which is running Windows 7 Release Candidate, and the same problem on my new laptop running Vista Home Premium, all Operating Systems are legal and fully updated.
    I have tried turning off Defender, uninstalling anti-virus, turning off UAC, nothing seems to make any difference. 
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

    Application Name: smileycons.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp: 2a425e19

    Fault Module Name: StackHash_1703

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000

    Exception Code: c0000005

    Exception Offset: 00b1b530

    OS Version: 6.0.6001.

    Locale ID: 3081

    Additional Information 1: 1703

    Additional Information 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9

    Additional Information 3: 1344

    Additional Information 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e

    Sonntag, 6. September 2009 00:49

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  • Have you tried a system restore to a point before this started to happen?  If not try that.  Other than that, make sure that everything is up to date, this includes software updates from MS as well as drivers.
    -Ken |
    Sonntag, 13. September 2009 18:00
  • Thanks for the reply Ken, yes, everything is updated. Doesn't answer the question of why won't it work on my new laptop with a new Vista Premium OS, or why it won't work on Windows 7 as well as my main drive with Vista Home Premium. What is common to all theses systems? A MS update in their security system? Guess I'll have to try installing XP Home on a spare hdd and see if it works ahead of any other program installations.
    OK, it's not the end of the world that I can't get Smileycons to work anymore, but it irritates the heck out of me that I can't find out why!
    Freitag, 18. September 2009 02:36