Why Windows 7 does not support full screen mode for command prompt like XP,is XP mode is the answer ?(Ultimate edition OS)


  • I use Windows 7 Ultimate OS. The command prompt can't be opened in full screen mode(Shows the error msg when i press Ctrl+Alt:This system does not support full screen mode). But, in SAFE MODE i can run the cmd(command) mode in full screen..
    If i install the XP mode Vertualization software,can i resolve this issue ? Bec, jus to work in command mode,i cant restart my laptop everytime to get into safe mode and normal mode.. And in XP mode, will my Windows 7 display changes to XP type ?

    *Note: I also use a software called Turbo C++,which encounters the same problem of not supporting the full screen.. If i get into SAFE MODE, i can work in Full screen without any probem..


    Dienstag, 2. März 2010 21:19


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