ati hdmi device disappeared from windows 7


  • My ati hdmi device has disappeared from available sound devices in windows 7. How do I get it back?

    Yesterday I "disabled" the ati hdmi device because, though I unplugged the hdmi cable that connected to the tv, the sound hadn't turned back over to speakers. I disabled and enable speakers. However, now the ati hdmi device has completely disappeared from my list of devices. I've tried rebooting with and without the hdmi cable connected but am having no luck. Help?

    Samstag, 2. Juni 2012 21:14


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  • Reinstall the Catalyst driver(as the HDMI driver is included with it). Then go to start and type sound card. Click on sound card settings and select the HDMI output as the default device.
    Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012 21:57
  • Hi, 

    Please let me know your computer model and then download the sound card/HDMI driver from the manufacture's website manually. After that, change it to default device.

    Hope this helps.

    Vincent Wang

    TechNet Community Support

    Montag, 4. Juni 2012 08:14