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  • The following topics are available to help you troubleshoot common problems related to Windows networking. 


    • Advanced troubleshooting for wireless network connectivity 

      This is a general troubleshooting of establishing Wi-Fi connections from Windows clients. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections requires understanding the basic flow of the Wi-Fi autoconnect state machine. Understanding this flow makes it easier to determine the starting point in a repro scenario in which a different behavior is found. This workflow involves knowledge and use of TextAnalysisTool, an extensive text filtering tool that is useful with complex traces with numerous ETW providers such as wireless_dbg trace scenario. 

    • Advanced troubleshooting 802.1X authentication 

      This is a general troubleshooting of 802.1X wireless and wired clients. With 802.1X and wireless troubleshooting, it's important to know how the flow of authentication works, and then figuring out where it's breaking. It involves a lot of third party devices and software. Most of the time, we have to identify where the problem is, and another vendor has to fix it. Since we don't make access points or wwitches, it won't be an end-to-end Microsoft solution. 


    You will learn how to troubleshoot common problems in a TCP/IP network environment. 

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