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  • Hi... I need your guys help. SmartTaskbar Application is working fine for me. But after some tweaks on the OS, I wanted it to do something like:

    When I go to the Desktop, it should hide the Taskbar whereas when using any application like if I maximize any window, taskbar should unhide. Right now, the case is vice versa i.e. when I go to the Desktop, it unhides the Taskbar whereas when using any application in maximized window, it hides.

    Please help me out so that I can alter this functionality. Thank you.

    Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2020 10:32

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  • SmartTaskbar is not a Windows 10 built-in feature or application, if you have demand on its function or performance, you need to contact app’s developer/support for help, on Windows side, there is no way to achieve the function that app doesn’t have.

    Please understand.


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    Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2020 02:56