Is winload.exe supposed to run all the time?


  • I have Win 2000 pro, running internet explorer.  Is winload.exe supposed to run all the time?  I read that there is a trojan with that name too, is there a way I can find out?  My computer seems to lag a bit and the only process running is winload.exe.  Also, Whenever I open Internet explorer multiple times, like three or four windows, it locks up.  My comp is set to auto update, and my history shows that they've all loaded sucessfully, anyone?
    Freitag, 14. Juli 2006 19:27

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  • Depending on the issue, this MAY work

    download RC.iso from the following link:

    You need to burn this image to a CD and boot your computer with it
    After installation, reboot, then right click the RC.iso file you downloaded above and choose COPY IMAGE TO CD.

    Then reboot your broken PC with that CD in the CD-ROM drive.

    This will give you a recovery console to use to run

    Insert the cd into the non-functioning PC

    When boot begins, a windows setup will appear to start, but you will be taken to a recovery console.

    You will need to select your windows installation by pressing a number, most likely 1

    Windows will ask you for a password

    If you have XP home, press enter...there is no password

    If you have XP Pro, you need to enter the password you set when you installed your machine with XP Pro.

    After entering the password, you will find yourself at a command prompt that looks like this


    chkdsk /r

    follow the prompts, then when it is complete, remove the CD


    Dienstag, 29. November 2011 16:32