Windows XP SP3 Startup stuck at logo screen


  • I have installed Windows XP (SP3) on an iMac under BootCamp. Recently whenever I boot up Windows XP, it gets stuck at the logo screen with the progress bar going back and forth, and I have to power off, boot up agin to choose the Last Good Configuration, ans then it would startup successfully. But once I restart or shut down Windows XP and reboot agin, the sam problem occurs again, and I have to go through the same process.

    When I restore my XP back to the point
    when it last booted without any problem, it then booted without any problem. Then when I restart or shut down and boot again, I am stuck at the XP logo screen again, and I have to power off and start again, choosing to use the last good configuration.

    I have turned on the switch to generate the boot log file, but it does not appear to have logged anything for the sessions when it did not boot up, but only logged information for the sessions when I chose the last good configuration.

    I have the latest update of Norton SystmWorks installed.

    Can it be some conflict between Windows XP and some Mac OS X drivers, or some conflict between Windows Xp and Norton?

    How do I find out where the problem might be?

    I have the same Windows XP (SP3) installation on a normal PC and I am not encountering any problems.


    Friday, September 12, 2008 12:46 AM