upgrade to windows 8.1 Bluetooth driver error Dell 15-3521


  • I just got the Dell Inspiron 15-3521. It came with Win 8 and I immediately (before installing anything else) upgraded to 8.1. When I was looking at the devices page it had a yellow exclamation point next to the laptop icon. It highlighted "driver error". I ran the troubleshooter and it identified 3 Bluetooth driver errors and tried to reinstall them. It came back "not fixed". I tried a couple of more times with no luck. I had not seen the exclamation point before upgrading to 8.1 but then don't specifically remember looking. I went ahead and tried to set up the Bluetooth and it found my IPhone. It says it connects but IPhone shows no connection. IPhone does see it and ask to confirm a code. Tried pairing a couple more times and same results. I assume it is the driver error and not a problem with my IPhone.  (Other Bluetooth devices work with it)  I have not done a windows update to see if there is a driver update. I couldn't find anything on the Dell support website but not sure where to look.  Anyone have any suggestions?
    Friday, December 27, 2013 4:01 AM


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