Microsoft EDID Override not working


  • I'm following this here:

    Which theoretically should override my EDID.

    It does to some extent, since if I do what it says, then use a tool such as MonInfo, it shows the updated EDID.

    Unfortunately in Windows 7 'screen resolution', I still can't add the resolution I added into the EDID override

    Is this perhaps because NVIDIA drivers are not reading the registry EDID, and instead is reading it from the monitor?

    How can I get the EDID override to work
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  • Hi mejobloggs,


    Please clarify the model of the monitor as well as the graphic card.


    I would like to share the link below with you:

    Fixing Ugly DVI/HDMI Displays due to EDID bugs on nVidia drivers

    You can try the steps in the article to troubleshoot the issue.


    Besides, please update the Nvidia driver. It is better that you also contact the monitor manufacture for direct assistance.


    As stated in the white paper, “The standard solution is to have the customer send the monitor back to the manufacturer, who reflashes the EEPROM with the correct EDID and returns the monitor to the customer.”


    I wish the suggestions may be helpful.

    Cecilia Zhou
    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 7:06 AM