When first downloaded, XP mode ran my old sofware perfectly. The next day "video device failed to initialize in full screen mode


  • I'm running windows 7 pro 64 bit. When i frist downloaded virtual pc and xp mode, my old dos/win3.1 CAD software worked perfectly. i could use any size window, including full screen mode.

    The next day, an automatic windows update had downloaded and rebooted my computer. now when I try the software, "the video device failed to initialize for full screen mode"

    I have spent many hours with MS tech help on the phone, even gave them control of my computer for many hours, to no avail.

    We have tried:

    1) integration mode on and off

    2) changing every possible property (normal window, maximized, minimized,  window usage, full screen usage and every compatibility mode)

    I have deleted and reinstalled virtual pc and xp mode as well as "clean" versions of my old CAD sofware.

    The key is, the first day, it worked PERFECTLY. Two monitors, any size window, full integration. Something happened with the update (Feb 14th 2012) that changed it.

    please help

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