Explorer.exe server execution failed


  • I know that there are other threads about this same topic, and i have looked through them, tried the solution, and had no luck. I did a system restore on my friends laptop as there were random shutdowns, most likely the cause of some minor virus. Yet after i re installed windows from the backup partition that acer makes during the building of their laptops, windows was not working correctly. First off, the driver for the wireless network adapter does not seem to be working. I think the driver is just missing, and i have located and downloaded the driver on my computer, but i am wondering why it suddenly didn't have the driver if it came installed with it. But now i get to the more serious issue, which is that certain functions in windows come back with an "Explorer.exe server execution failed" error. The few examples I have found are right clicking on the desktop and clicking personalize, which results in this error, and a few other miscellaneous function that either give this error or just don't open. Also, internet explorer just dosnt open, if you click on it on the task bar it will give the box around the icon, wait for a moment, and then fade away. I dont know if this is just part of the other problems or something different. What i have read so far is that this could be some sort of user profile error or error in the registries, but I am not able to create a new user profile on the computer and the registries were fine. I feel really bad as the computer was usable before but now its pretty useless, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Monday, July 9, 2012 8:33 PM


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