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  • Hello, My name is Agron and i have a very important question. I just upgraded my windows 7 home premium to windows 8 pro. However the installation took along time and when it restated for the final time, it then asked to to put my product key in. Which i did. Then it said choose background. I chose green. Then it just went to a black screen for 30 or more minuites. I then got frustrated and restarted it . I got up to the login screen, put my password and logged in. After it logged in its just a black screen with a cursor on the screen. Nothing else. Please help. I cant go into safe mode or advanced mpde. I dont know why. Just please help. I have lots of important data on it.
    Saturday, February 23, 2013 5:42 PM


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  • 1. Sorry to say, but your information is not complete. More important is the computer producer name. See here similar problem for Dell computer

    I would recommend to address support/forum of your computer producer.

    2. How to get into Safe Mode is described here

    3. Chances are that your computer is not compatible with Windows 8. Check compatibility list.

    4. Upgrade is a very demanding way how to get into higher operating system. I would prefer clean installation and migration of data and settings.



    Sunday, February 24, 2013 12:06 PM
  • After it logged in its just a black screen with a cursor on the screen.

     I cant go into safe mode or advanced mode. I don't know why.

    That's interesting.  Usually this happens before login, so people have to work around it without any tools.  So, if you have already logged in you will have tools for sure.  For example, you could probably turn on Narrator, e.g. press Win-Enter.  (Others have had to try doing that using the Accessibility menu in the Login screen while not being able to see the Login screen or know where they are.  See how lucky you are? <w>)

    However, often the problem seems to be that the OS has inexplicably decided to display mostly on a non-existent monitor, so if you have a second monitor try hooking it up and see if that gives any better clues.   Also, a tool that even users at the Login screen can have is the Second Screen dialog, e.g. press Win-P.   Narrator doesn't seem to want to help guide me with that but you could try pressing CursorUp and Enter to see if it would cause a screen refresh or some other change to the monitor.

    In any case, you should have no difficulty booting in VGA mode.   Oh?  You do?  What are you trying?  E.g. if you can see your Login screen you can see its Shutdown button, so then press Shift when you click on the Restart option in the Shutdown menu.


    Robert Aldwinckle

    Sunday, February 24, 2013 7:02 PM