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  • Since summer last year, we have issues with every cumulative update from Microsoft. The update stops around 10% of our laptops and tablets. 

    We have the issue on Lenovo T480, T470, T470s, T460, T460s and on Dell tablets. This issue does not affect our desktop PC’s.

    After the cumulative update, the laptop stops to boot. We experience two different versions of this issue. 
    1. Laptops get stuck on a black screen with the small loading circle on the bottom, it doesn’t finish loading to display the Windows login screen. It does not freeze, but even after more than 30 minutes, it does not change.
    2. Laptop is displaying the troubleshoot menu after three failed boot attempts. 

    In both versions, Windows Startup repair is not able to fix the issue. We found out that if we boot up the system in Windows safe mode and keep it in the safe mode login screen for 5-10 Minutes the laptop is able to boot normally without any issue. Sometimes you can see Windows rolling back the update in safe mode before it shows the login screen. 

    Either after the workaround the update is installed, or we are able to install the update without any issue until MS releases the next Cumulative Update for windows. 

    All the systems are installed with the same custom image, but they have different Windows build versions on them (1603 up to 1803). All other Windows Updates are up to date. 
    We already tried to update the Intel ME Firmware, as it looked like laptops in our test group with newer versions had fewer issues. However, this did not help us with a bigger rollout. 

    It doesn’t matter if we deploy the update using our WSUS or download it from Microsoft online. The first time we saw this issue was in summer 2018 and since then, we can reproduce this issue with every cumulative Update for windows. 

    It seems as though systems that had the problem on an earlier cumulative update are more likely to have be affected after the next cumulative update. However, there are also some systems, which only had the problem once.

    Does anyone else has the same issue? If yes how do you avoid that?

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019 12:03 PM

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  • We are getting exactly the same issues on approximately 5% of our machines randomly every month.

    I've opened a call with Microsoft back in January and we are still no further forward in pin pointing what is causing the issue.

    Dominik, did you manage to get any further with figuring out what the cause was? Microsoft are suggesting it could be Sophie Intercept-X which we have installed, although there is no proof behind this.

    Thursday, May 30, 2019 11:02 AM