Games lag after a few minutes- please help!


  • We have played angry birds on our pc for about a year- and having increasing problems with it and other games we don't use as much. After playing for a few minutes, it starts to lag really bad. Then even once you leave the game, the pc itself starts to lag (windows minimizing/maximizing) If I shut the computer down, then restart it goes away..until you try to play a game again. I deleted temporary files, did disk clean-up, and updated my nvidia driver. What could it be? It didn't used to do this. Please help I'm getting frustrated :/

    HP pavilion   6GB RAM  64-bit OS  number of processor cores: 4

    hard disk- 931 GB   

    C: 859 GB Free (921 total)

    D: 2 GB free (11 total)

    NVIDIA GeForce 9100

    available graphics memory- 2943 MB  Dedicated graphics memory-256 MB   Dedicated system memory- 0 MB   Shared system memory 2687 MB

    display adapter driver version

    monitor resolution- 1600x 900

    DirectX 10

    Saturday, March 31, 2012 3:15 PM


  • Well, no more help needed I guess- but to help anyone else who comes across this problem....tell them to clean out their tower! The main part of the tower was fine, but the housing where the fans are was really, embarrassingly bad. :facepalm:   Cleaned it out and so far, so good! 
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    Saturday, March 31, 2012 7:05 PM