When booting up after shut down or "sleep", I am getting a Windows Error Signature dialog box, after selecting, "Use most recently successful settings", (before Windows Boots)



    The system has recovered from a serious error...

    Error Signature 

    BC Code: 1000007e    BCP1: C000005    BCP2: 805C6A73    BCP3: F7C7693C    BCP4:  F7C76638   OS Ver: 5_1_2600    SP 3_0   Product: 768_1


    Technical information about this report/Error Report Contents...




    These dialog boxes show up after selecting from the black and white screen requesting me to choose which Windows boot mode I wish to use.

    I recently added AOL 9.0 Security Version to this computer.  It seems to me this problem has occurred only since I added this program.  It occurs from start up after a shut down, or after a "Wake Up" from the "sleep mode".  In the wake up from sleep start the system blows up after I select the user during the wake up sequence, and them I get the black and white screen mentioned above as the computer is attempting to reboot.



    Sunday, November 14, 2010 5:50 PM