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  • After I applied the critical updates from Tuesday, I have been unable to save any Word or Excel documents across our corporate network. If the documents are on my

    hard drive there is no problem. If they reside on another network server, the excel document says it can't be saved and word documents say "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost.

    I've searched the net for this issue before I realized that an update had caused it. My only resolution is to do a system restore to the point before the updates were applied. After this has been done, the Excel and Word documents work fine across the network.

    Do you know of this problem or can you help me resolve it.

    Windows XP SP3

    Office 2007 SP2


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  • After further investigation, I have found the update culprit to be KB980232. As I mentioned in my question we were having problems saving across the network.

    What I failed to mention is that the server in question is running NT. It appears that this update does not support NT.

    Once the update was removed from users pc's, they were able to save across the network again. I can only hope that a KB version will be released to support

    NT, or I'll have to leave some pc's unpatched for this vuneralbility. As a sidenote: when I uninstalled KB980232, it also uninstalled KB976323 and KB979683.

    These are also vuneralbility updates. I'll try to reinstall them separately.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010 5:47 PM