Windows 7 Logon Screen - Sleep and Hibernate


  • Hi,

    I've now created my Windows 7 image and have deployed to a few test client PCs which I have joined to my domain. I am now at the testing stage and have a few questions....

    On the windows logon screen there's an icon in the bottom-right of the screen that allows you to shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate. I don't mind the shutdown and restart options but would like to remove sleep and hibernate from this list.

    I've used Group Policy to remove all options but logoff from the Start Menu and have create a Power Policy which works well, I just don't want my end users to ever put the computers to sleep or into hibernation.

    Thanks, Matt

    Matt Courtman, Network Manager, Cromwell Community College, UK
    Wednesday, December 01, 2010 7:28 PM


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